Sustainability at International Packaging

Our Mission


Being ‘Green’ means a lot more to International Packaging than just recycling. Our mission is to continually strive to be a leader in sustainable packaging. We not only want to be a part of creating a cleaner environment, but to also support our client’s sustainability goals.

Our sustainability efforts include:

  • Sourcing and using sustainable films and other materials

  • Reduced carbon foot print, waste, and resource/energy usage in comparison to other more traditional forms of packaging using an environmentally clean manufacturing process.

  • Certified home/industrial compostable films including cellulose based which degrades to a molecular level because it is organic matter.

Sustainability Efforts


Manufacturing Excellence

We’re focused on keeping abreast of the latest sustainable packaging and printing trends and are committed to manufacturing excellence to support those efforts.

Our production floor is designed to follow Safe Quality Food (SQF ) procedures to reduce energy and material waste.

We are 9.0 SQF certified and hold licenses, and credentials from the MN Department of Agriculture, Food & Drug Administration (FDA), QIMA Testing Labs, and other credible organizations.


Compliance with these governing bodies ensures that we’re using the best processes and procedures for cleanliness and limiting waste.

Sustainability In The News

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If you have questions about sustainable packaging or need assistance with your packaging project, give us a call!