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Partnering With an SQF-Certified Supplier: What are the Advantages?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

As a brand owner, you're well aware of the importance of quality and safety throughout your processes. If you've been involved in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry for long enough, you've likely come across the letters SQF when discussing manufacturing plant safety or food. Perhaps you know that SQF is important, but not what exactly makes this certification globally recognized and respected.

What is the SQF Certification?

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a food quality and safety program for companies of all sizes. The certification is recognized worldwide by brand owners, retailers, and foodservice providers.

In order to receive this certification, a company must meet rigorous food quality and safety codes specifically designed to meet customer, industry, and regulatory requirements for any and all sectors of the food supply chain. This means the full journey–from farm to retail stores–including any promotional or sampling initiatives/products. The certification is also recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. All SQF practitioners are also required to be HACCP–Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point trained.

The achievement of SQF certification is a public statement that a company has committed to food quality and safety. Because of SQF's strict "farm-to-fork" quality standards and codes, achieving this certification allows food producers and those involved in any part of the food supply chain, to show their customers that their product meets the highest levels of safety and quality. It demonstrates that food safety and quality controls have been implemented and then validated within that facility–and throughout the entire supply chain.

Advantages of Partnering with an SQF Certified Company

Working with an SQF-certified packaging company will prove highly beneficial for your business. Some of the advantages of such a partnership include:

  1. Saving Time and Money. When packaging your products, you'll need to adhere to the SQF certification if food is at all involved. By selecting a packaging company that is already SQF-certified, your packaging process will be that much easier. Companies oftentimes offer their SQF checks as a value-add, therefore, working with an SQF-certified company can also save you the money you would otherwise spend on a third-party auditing service.

  2. Consistent Quality Control. Consistency is essential for every SQF check completed for your products. If you have to hire an outside company to run an audit on your packaging, you may be at risk for inconsistent runs. With a packaging company that completes the SQF audits themselves, you can be sure that you have properly evaluated every time.

  3. Hazard Prevention. In terms of food safety and protection, companies should always be thinking one step ahead. By ensuring that your packaging meets all SQF standards and requirements, your company can proactively prevent any sanitation or safety issues.

  4. Total Traceability. When you partner with an SQF-certified company, you're able to trace SQF from beginning to end. From the inputs to the suppliers, you'll receive a detailed report of your SQF.

  5. Enhanced Trust From Buyers. If a company does not have a proven track record of food safety, it might miss out on potential buyers due to a lack of trust. An SQF certification informs customers that the company is providing safe and sanitary products.

Partner with an SQF-Certified Packaging Company

International Packaging Inc. is dedicated to food safety for the benefit of our customers. Our quality team includes 7 HACCP certified personnel and 2 SQF practitioners. Partner with us to rapidly bring your product to market, and do so with safety and quality at the forefront. Visit our website or call 763-315-6200 to get started today.


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