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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Packaging Supplier

Updated: May 17, 2021

Your packaging supplier can make or break a project. There are so many different variables to consider that it can be challenging to find the solution and support to meet your needs for now and the future. To make it easier for you, we've outlined some things to consider when evaluating your packaging supplier options.

1. Are they a reputable, qualified supplier?

When considering suppliers, do your research. Read their reviews and ask for examples where they have demonstrated their ability to deliver successful packaging on similar applications to your project. It's important to also consider what certifications they do and don't have. If a supplier does not have the proper certifications, it can limit what you're able to safely package with them.

Here at IPI, we maintain stringent quality standards with our operating system, documentation controls, cleanliness, and health and safety programs. We’re continually audited and certified by the most demanding client and independent third-party organizations and have consistently received the highest possible rating. Some of our certifications and licenses include:

  • SQF (Safe Quality Food)

  • State of MN Board of Pharmacy Packaging License

  • U.S. Dept. of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Bureau Veritas Testing Labs

  • ​Food & Drug Administration

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

  • MN Dept. of Agriculture – Wholesale Food Handler

  • UL Testing Labs

  • QIMA Testing Labs

2. Do they use sustainable and environmentally friendly products?

The sustainability of your packaging is extremely important. As consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious about their carbon footprint, they are more likely to support brands that share their values.

According to a 2020 survey by IBM, "Nearly six in 10 consumers surveyed are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact... And for those who say it is very/extremely important, over 70 percent would pay a premium of 35 percent, on average, for brands that are sustainable and environmentally responsible."

At IPI, we use sustainable wrapping films that are renewable and biodegradable. We have a reduced carbon footprint, waste, and resource/energy usage in comparison to other more traditional forms of packaging by using an environmentally clean manufacturing process for all of our products.

We also use certified home/industrial compostable films that are cellulose-based which allows it to degrade to a molecular level because it is organic matter.

Put simply, using environmentally friendly products is extremely important to us and we offer multiple sustainable solutions for your packaging needs.

3. Do they offer custom packaging?

Custom packaging was a leading industry trend in 2020 and it isn't going anywhere. Incorporating custom packaging such as folded retail product cartons, plastic cartons, litho labels, etc. will enhance your brand's value by multifold. With customized packaging, you can establish a lasting connection with your customers by ensuring that they have a unique unboxing experience.

You have the ideas on how to meet your marketing objectives. We provide the tangible solutions to help you exceed them. Whatever your project, IPI offers end-to-end ideation, design and production expertise with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

4. What quality of packaging products do they use?

A high-quality look and feel for your final product should be a top priority. Ensure that your packaging company will be using effective processes to maintain high standards. Do they regularly perform inspections, measurements, and tests?

IPI is constantly researching and investing in new technologies to guarantee superior performance. You can bank on strict material and production standards that produce a high-quality product every time.

5. What is their pricing like?

Price is definitely an important factor as well. Look for packaging companies that provide the best value. Ensure that the company you select offers different packaging size options. This will help you avoid hidden costs related to the dimensional volume rate. Beware of the cheapest options available as well. If a price seems too good to be true, their products are likely low-quality. On the other hand, don't assume a supplier offers the best quality just because they charge the highest price. Consider the quality standards mentioned earlier when searching for the best value.

Your packaging supply company should work with your budget and help you optimize costs whenever possible. IPI is committed to optimizing design fees, material costs, waste, and product handling costs while delivering the best packaging solution for your needs.

6. How is their customer service?

Find out if your potential suppliers have a proven track record for quality customer service. Good customer service is always important–when it comes to your packaging supplier, it's crucial. If something happens to your shipment, or there's an order that needs to be refunded, a supplier who prioritizes customers will take care of your company's needs at once.

IPI's team of Account Executives is committed to your success from the very first phone call. Our trusted customer service and sales team will provide you with top-quality service.

IPI is your start-to-finish solutions partner

For nearly five decades, our clients have relied on us to create successful promotional packaging and marketing programs. From ingenuity that makes a difference, to innovation that solves problems, to high-tech implementation that saves time and money, IPI is your start-to-finish solutions partner. To get started or ask any questions, give us a call at 763-315-6200 or email us at–we're here to help!


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